The End of Bad Government Starts Here!

A Different Approach to Democracy

The American people are completely disorganized and are therefore almost completely powerless politically. Their primary means of political participation is with a vote, which is a binary form of communication. Since the ratio of representatives to constituents is one to many thousands or millions, it is impractical for more than a tiny fraction of constituents to communicate directly with their representatives, which makes representation impossible. Our government is almost infinitely complex and deals primarily with complex issues that are distant from the daily lives of most people, yet they are expected to be informed about those issues in order to participate effectively in democracy. They are almost totally reliant on a private news media for political information, but the news media are not accountable to the people or to politicians, but rather to owners and advertisers. An objective look at democracy in America will show that it makes absolutely no sense. The solution is to organize the people so that democracy works like any successful organization does, with layers of connected representatives to whom responsibility is delegated. Nearly all our political problems can be easily explained as being due to a lack of such an organization. (In the future this site will be rebranded "Organized Democracy.") Please read our introduction: Being Objective About Democracy.

Being Objective About Democracy

We accept our current system of democracy as the best system imaginable because it was in place when we were born and because everyone around accepts it. Because of this, we tend to be extremely unobjective about how it actually works. If we take a hard, objective look at how it works, it becomes clear why we have the problems we do, and a possible solution becomes evident.

How Was 91% of Congress Re-Elected Despite a 10% Approval Rating?

The re-election of 91% of Congress despite a 10% approval rating is a clear sign that democracy in America is broken. Understanding how this happens is the first step in fixing our government.

Garbage in, Garbage out Democracy

Conventional wisdom tells us that democracy is defined by all citizens voting directly for candidates for elected office. But if we look at this process of mass elections objectively and compare it with how business leaders are hired, it becomes clear that mass elections are a frighteningly broken and are the source of all of the problems in our government.

Why the Truth Doesn’t Matter (to the Candidates)

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have been found to be full of statements that are less than truthful. Since it follows that candidates who are less than truthful during their campaigns will also be less than truthful while in office, this presents a clear and present danger to freedom of all Americans.

How Partisan Voting Makes Accountability Impossible

Americans tend to pick a political party and stick with it election after election. How do they choose their party? Does this inevitably lead to political polarization? How does sticking with one party allow for political accountability?

Does 1% Control Government in America?

There is much talk of 1% of the population controlling the U.S. government. Is this really the case? If so, what is it about our system of democracy that allows it to happen?

Political Parties Were Never Meant to Be

The Framers of the Constitution loathed political parties. They are marketing organizations that belong to special interests and ambitious politicians.

It’s the Need for Campaign Contributions That’s the Problem

Money in politics is a symptom of a deeper problem–the disconnect between Americans and their government. Nearly all of the problems with our government can be traced back to this disconnect. The only way to address these problems is to address the root problem of disconnect.

What Does This Massacre Tell Us About Our Society?

Our disconnected society leaves many people with few social connections. In extreme cases, when isolation mixes with anger, lonely young men can become a grave threat to others. The solution to this problem must lie in more social connections.

What Size Should Local Elector Communities Be?

It is important to think of government in human terms. Government is about people in every sense. Government can only serve the needs of the people if we think in terms of what works for people at every level. If we base our government on human nature and what people can realistically deal with, we are well on our way to a good government and a better life for everyone.

How Negative Political Campaigning Is Crippling America

Politicians use negative campaigning to achieve their own personal political goals, but the damage their negativity does to our country is deep and severe.

Why Turnout in the Presidential Primaries Was Dismally Low

We pride ourselves in living in a democracy, but the vast majority of Americans didn’t bother participating in our most important election. Where were they? Can we call our government a democracy when almost nobody votes?